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It is Advent season

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Dear Holy Trinity Families,


We gathered on Monday to celebrate our first school Mass during this Advent season.  It was truly inspiring to hear our choir sing, see our Pre-K friends in the first pews, and share this joyous season with parishioners, teachers, students, friends, and family.  Fr. Marc impressed upon our students the importance of not merely seeing others as simply people in our line of sight, but as unique individuals who may need some help, support, or extra care.  This spirit carried over to the school immediately and showed in many small ways. Middle school students helping younger students during EDP, classmates making extra efforts to include others who may not always be part of the group, and a million other small acts that truly exemplify the spirit of Christmas and that of Holy Trinity.  


The coming weeks will be busy, fun, exciting, and sometimes a little hectic--but in keeping with the spirit of the season, we would expect nothing less!  Thanks to Mrs. Becklo and Mr. O’Brien, we are preparing a moving, spiritual, and reverent presentation of the Christmas story. Accompanied by a choir of angels, our middle school students will perform the Christmas story and once again remind us of the blessed glory of the birth of Jesus.  


The Kindergarten and Pre-K students will be receiving a special note of directions for their exciting part and we ask parents to follow the directions carefully so we are all ready for show time.  It’s going to be fantastic! 


As we prepare our students to celebrate Christ’s birth through play and song, we will also be sharing our musical talents with the community. This Saturday, our students in grades 3-8 are invited to attend the Knights of Columbus dinner.  Students need to arrive at 6:15 sharp for their performance. Mr. O’Brien will be there and leading them through a few of the carols and Christmas hymns they have been practicing. It is a lovely way to share with our Catholic support community the beautiful gifts our scholars bring to each day! I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to hear their voices floating through the halls as they practice--it moves me to tears every time! 


As we continue in this season of celebration and peace, you may like to visit Sacred Heart or St. Joe’s this weekend to light your own peace candle. The Bethlehem Peace Light will be available after the following Masses this weekend: 4:00 PM at Sacred Heart, 8:30 AM at Sacred Heart, and 10:30am at St. Joe's. Please bring your own candle, and something to protect the flame from wind to and from your car.


Happy Advent!

Sincerely in Christ, 

Dr. Young


Reminders and News from the Office



    12/8  Gr.3-8  Caroling at Knights of Columbus dinner 6:15 Sacred Heart gym (Gilford Ave)
    12/10 Intro. to the HTS Auction Meeting 6:00 in the Cafeteria

    12/13 Holy Trinity Christmas Pageant: 6:00 PM in the gym--all students are participating!

    12/17 Caroling at River’s Edge, Union Ave., Laconia 10 AM Tentative Grade 3-8

    12/18 Kindness Club Meeting


            Jean Day, $1 donation to charity

    12/24-1/2 Christmas Break


Prayers Please! As many have heard, our Mrs. Hughes had a fall last Friday and suffered a broken femur.  She had a successful surgery at Dartmouth on Saturday and is already up and doing physical therapy.  Please remember Mrs. Hughes and her family as they work together to help the healing process. We are very grateful to our first responders, the ER staff, and the doctors and nurses who have all worked to help Mrs. Hughes.  We miss her, but know she is receiving good care! 

PTO Winter Raffle: Our fan-tab-u-lous PTO is at it again with fun, games, and shenanigans just to support our teachers!  Mrs. Rumery has been traveling up and down New England collecting the most fantastic prizes, building the anticipation and excitement, and garnering advertising for this venture.  I can tell you, there is a special thank you candle burning for our fantastic parents! Calendars will be available for a $10 donation beginning Thursday, November 29 and will continue through the end of December.  Daily drawings will begin January 1st. Some of the prizes include Yeti cups, a signed Gronk jersey, a signed Bruins stick, cash, and a turkey from Birchrise Farm! Join the fun and support Holy Trinity PTO.

8th Grade Recommendations: This is a bittersweet one for me!  8th Graders, you will probably be getting ready to apply for high school and will need some principal and teacher referrals.  If the school(s) to which you are applying require a written referral that the school must send, please deliver the printed request form with your information included and a stamped envelope, addressed to the school you are applying to with Holy Trinity as the return address to each person from whom you are requesting a referral.  This will help us get the information to the proper party efficiently. (I am not quite ready to let these young women go yet! *sniff*) 


Holy Trinity Christmas Nativity Pageant: Join us on the evening of Thursday, December 13th for our school Christmas program.  This year will feature a students’ chorus, play presented by our junior high, and a finale by our Kindergarten and PreKindergarten classes.  

Calling all parents who would like their children to start saving money! Banking is every Friday. Send your child in with their school savings account bank book and money and we’ll deposit it for them. Even the smallest amount will add up over time. Your child doesn’t have a bank account? E-mail Di Greenwood at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she’ll get one set up for you!


Amazon Smile: An easy way to support HTS when you shop on Amazon is to choose our school as the beneficiary.  As with everything, thank you for your continued support and encouragement.

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Dr. Francine Young
Dr. Francine Young

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